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Complimentary Retirement Plan

How can you gain access to strategies that help minimize taxes, reduce risk, and generate income regardless of the market? Get your complimentary retirement planning review now.

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Your Retirement Plan Will Include:

Retirement Planning

  • Review income distribution plan
  • Assess current and long-term cash flow needs
  • Utilize Capital Sufficiency Analysis to determine sustainability of spending and address variables in process
  • Evaluate life insurance needs and coverages
  • Review survivor cash flow and disability plant
  • Analyze existing property and casualty insurance exposure

Tax Planning

  • Potentially lower your taxes
  • Review current and future income tax liability
  • Educate, advise, and implement strategies to minimize income tax exposure
  • Review withholding and estimated tax analysis

Investment Planning

  • Focus on accumulation
  • Mitigate risk
  • Maximize current benefits options
  • Discuss investment options of savings and deferred investment plans
  • Review stock options
  • Analyze current elections on benefits and beneficiary designations

Estate Planning

  • Explore long-term care
  • Review family objectives, goals, and concerns
  • Evaluate existing testamentary documents
  • Provide specific tax-savings recommendations
  • Examine tax-effective wealth transfer strategies
  • Coordinate drafting and execution of estate planning documents
  • Review estate tax balance sheet and estate distribution flowcharts
  • Analyze cash flow projections for surviving family members
  • Coordinate asset ownership and beneficiary designations

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