Hi, everyone, my name is Abe Abich – the Founder and CEO of Abich Financial Services – we host educational classes at Nova Community College every other month.

On Retirement Today – that’s the name of the class. It’s about a two to two and a half hour class.

We noticed that you were registered or RSVP’d over the last few months to attend a prior class, but weren’t able to attend. So I want to personally extend this invitation to you to come to one of our upcoming classes in March or April right here at Nova Community College in Sterling, Virginia, in Northern Virginia.

I can tell you almost all of our clients have come to one of these classes or an educational workshop in the past to really see who we are, to learn more about the subject matter, and to really see if we are somebody that you can see yourselves working with.

I’d like to extend that invitation to you.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming educational classes!