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What Is Sequence Risk?

January 18, 2020

— What the heck is sequence risk? Sequence risk is the risk to any retiree that when you are withdrawing money out of your accounts whether it’s for IRS mandatory RMD’s or just your own retirement withdrawals that the stock market is down at the same time. Double whammy. Double negative. Perhaps triple-negative if you add in fees and expenses […]

What Do Baseball And Retirement Have Have In Common?

January 15, 2020

— Baseball is a big love of Abe’s. It’s something we enjoy together. We talk about it a lot. But there’s actually a lot of very interesting connections that we like to make between baseball and retirement. So obviously, when you’re approaching retirement, getting closer and closer to retiring, or in retirement, if you’re going for the home runs constantly […]

Taxes Are On Sale

January 12, 2020

— So Abe loves when I find something to buy that’s on sale. Actually, I think he prefers if I just don’t buy anything at all, but if I am going to buy something, which ladies you know that you are, it’s so much better and he feels great about it when you’re getting a good deal. So, compare that […]