Social Security Optimization

Navigate Multiple Payment Strategies

By carefully considering these strategies and utilizing our professional guidance, you can optimize your Social Security benefits to better support your retirement goals. We can help you consider options such as:

  • Delaying benefits – By delaying collection of your benefits if you don’t need them at the time you qualify, you can increase your monthly payments. For each year you delay, up until age 70, a percentage increase will be added to your payments once you begin to collect.
  • Claiming Spousal Benefits – If married, you may be eligible for spousal benefits. This can be beneficial, depending on your spouse’s earning history.
  • Coordinating Spousal Benefits – Once you and your spouse are eligible to collect benefits, coordinating your claiming strategies can optimize payments in accordance with your overall retirement goals.
  • Minimizing Taxes – Even in retirement, taxes will continue to pop up. Depending on your total income, a portion of your benefits may be subject to federal taxes. A well-managed financial plan considering all income can help minimize your tax bill.

Abich Financial Helps You Feel ‘Secure’ in Your Social Security

Social Security can be much more than a check that comes each month. Fill out the form below and learn how to make your Social Security part of an efficient retirement strategy.

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