Stock Market Update: July 2020
We believe right now in where we are now in 2020 there is a big disconnect between mainstreet and wallstreet. In other words what’s going on between real world and the economy doesn’t seem to be matching up with wallstreet.

Wallstreet just continuing to go up, stock markets continue to go up. Although we’ve had some volatiles here recently.

However with 44 million people unemployed and a lot of businesses have gone under we just feel that mainstreet and Wallstreet are matching up. So we are shooting this video to let you know to be cautiously optimistic heading into the balance of this year.

Late summer early fall we truly believe that the worst is yet to come we don’t believe we’re out of dodge yet so you know you always want to have to have a plan in advance and that’s what we believe is the proper thing to do the markets going to continue to go up and down the rest of your life but get the planning done in advance so that you don’t have to worry about oh it’s an election year.

Oh there’s covid 19 and all these things that are you know sometimes foreseen and unforeseen by having the plan in advance we can anticipate that it’s healthy and normal for the market to go up and down and have a plan for the good times and bad.

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