We just recently wrote seven more articles for Forbes on the seven steps to a long-lasting retirement; and the first of our seven steps is to have a written retirement income plan done. Not only to have a written retirement income plan, but to have an income plan that you follow every year with a financial professional.

This is a roadmap for your retirement.

Let me ask you this: if you were going to a restaurant or some place that you’ve never been to before, are you just gonna get on the road in hope that you find this destination, or are you gonna put in GPS and have a good plan for getting there safely.?

Well, a retirement income plan is GPS for your retirement. It’s a road map for you and a financial professional to follow every single year. Your life will change. It’s not gonna stay the same for the next twenty to thirty years, and you want to make sure that your retirement income plan stays up and together, and with your life changes. A retirement income plan is a road map and it incorporates all of your main financial assets. Your income streams from SocialSecurity, annuities, pensions, real estate, dividends from stocks and so forth, and it puts together a robust, comprehensive, income plan that you can follow year by year. That’s step one of our seven steps toward a long-lasting retirement.

That article was just published on Forbes, on the Forbes website in January of 2020. If you’d like a copy of it just let us know!

Call us, or email us, and we can get you a copy of it. We hope it helps you.