Good afternoon everybody, I’m Abe Abich, founder and CEO of Abich Financial Services and I just wanted to shoot this very brief one-minute video to tell everybody hello and to let you know that we’re thinking about you during this very tough time Abich Financial Services that is.

If you need any help at all, and especially if you’re 70 or older, and you can’t get out of the house as easily: perhaps you don’t have a car. If you need any help and you’re watching this video, please call our office and we’ll do what it takes to go on a grocery store run for you, to get any medicine that you need, just give us a call, and you know most of our team members are in their 30s and 40s and we’re able to get out – so that’s number one.

Number two, this video is part of our April newsletter for 2020 and we just want to let you know we are here for you.

To our clients, you have done business with us and you haven’t worked with us on your retirement plan so that you do not have to worry nearly as much when the market goes down 20% to 25% to 30% in just thirty days. It took a year, one full year, for the S&P500 to be a 30% in 2019 and just 30 days for it to almost lose as much to our clients.

This is why you’ve chosen to work with us and hopefully the strategies that we put in place for you are giving you the sleep insurance that you so much need, and deserve. To our prospective clients, that we’ve met with, maybe you haven’t chosen to work with us just yet, perhaps it wasn’t the right timing for you, perhaps you were busy taking care of your grandkids, perhaps you were busy traveling around the world and enjoying your retirement… but maybe now is a better time.

I can tell you, for many people we’re talking to right now, many people’s risk tolerance has come way down. When you lose 20% to 25% to 30% on your equities in just 30 days, man, that can make your stomach drop.

Okay, and so for our prospective clients that are listening to this video, if you want to revisit the strategies for retire planning we put together for you.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity, let us put together a plan for you!

Please call us, please email us, please visit our website at or there’s a big red bar at the top of the website that makes it very easy to set up a virtual appointment, either a virtual phone call and or a virtual video session, which we host every day here from our homes in our office making it super easy and convenient for you to have a second opinion with us.

Any questions? Give us a call, email us, visit our website, and we’d be happy to give you that second opinion and complimentary consultation on your entire retirement income plan. God bless all of you.