When you’re looking for upside potential with downside protection

Fixed indexed annuities are simply tax-deferred, long-term savings which provide principal protection along with opportunity for growth.

They have more growth potential than fixed annuities with less risk, but less potential return than variable annuities.

Guaranteed protection with growth potential!

In a market where investors are looking for safer options, principal protection is key.

The benefits of choosing a fixed indexed annuity are:

Tax deferral:
Benefit from compounded growth

Principal protection:
Safeguard your original deposit.

Lifetime income:
Consider annuitization or guaranteed set payments.

There are even more!

Beneficiary protection:
Pass down assets while avoiding costly probates.

Spousal opportunities:
Possible death benefits upon the first spouse’s passing.

Earn growth through the index’s performance or through a fixed interest rate.

Just to clarify:
A fixed indexed annuity is not an actual investment in an index. It’s simply based upon the performance of the underlying index.

Before purchasing, discuss your options with a financial advisor.

You want to take into consideration gains, complexity of plans, caps, participation rates, and fees.

Q: Annuities seem complicated! Should I just avoid them altogether?

Let’s break it down together!

Annuities are simply contracts between you and insurance companies.
You pay a premium.
The insurance company agrees to pay you a series of payments (either now or in the future).

The best benefit of annuities is that
they offer a steady stream of income you cannot outlive!

Q: How much money do I need to purchase an annuity?

Many can be purchased for as little as a $5,000 minimum!

Q: How old do I have to be to purchase an annuity?

Only some have age restrictions. Many don’t.

Just remember that if you withdraw money from the annuity before you turn 591/2, you will likely pay an extra 10% of taxes on your funds.

Q: How will I know which type of annuity is best for me?

Every retirement is different! Your goals for your golden years will vary from others. That’s why it’s critical to meet with an experienced, knowledgeable financial advisor.

You worked hard for your Social Security benefits. And perhaps you even worked harder for your financial investments.
It’s more critical than ever to safeguard them properly!

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