A ‘where do I stand plan’ is a true second opinion or complimentary opinion on where you do stand for your retirement. Where do you stand in regards to what you’ve done for your retirement? Are you on track? Have you saved enough money? Have you addressed things like major market downturns, higher taxes, inflation, and healthcare? Are you working with an existing financial professional or adviser? If so, get a true second opinion. It never hurts to do that. If you’re a successful do-it-yourself investor who’s done really well for yourself it can be very hard to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws, rules, and regulations. So I would highly encourage you even if you’re a successful do-it-yourself investor to get a complimentary second opinion.

Our clients and even prospects that come in to meet with us feel better regardless of whatever it is that Abe discusses. Just knowing that they’ve come in they’ve talked about it even if Abe says, “Hey you’re good to go, everything looks great.” Most of the time just because the way things work there are a few holes just because a lot of the other firms that people are already working with they don’t do every piece that we do. So even if it’s just Social Security help or addressing our RMD’s. Usually there’s one missing piece at least. It just doesn’t hurt to come in and get a free second opinion and the worst that can happen is you just leave with more information.