One of the things that Abe helps people address in regards to retirement is retirement income planning. How are you going to plan for your income throughout your retirement? And while it sounds simple most retirees do not have this in place. Most people that I talk to on the phone they’ll have a Merrill Lynch adviser or another typical adviser that’s pretty much just been guiding them on growth, but not really that second phase of retirement. This leaves people asking, “Well, now how am I going to receive income? What’s going to be my plan?”

So that is something that Abe, if you come into the office, will help you address.

Everyone needs a retirement income plan. That’s a plan that is focused on helping our clients generate income in retirement. Their working paychecks have stopped and they need income from their investments to replace those paychecks.

That can be a very scary thing for a lot of people a lot of people that come to us. It’s a nerve-wracking time because you’ve always had that check coming in. So, when you have that plan in place that puts that worry at ease.

There’s a huge difference between accumulation and decumulation or growing your money versus receiving income from your investments in retirement and that’s really a strength of ours.