In the wake of COVID-19, we’re seeing one of the worst market downturns since 2008. Wondering what financial moves to make during crises can be overwhelming.

While no one has a crystal ball to determine the future, our clients think we do and are very satisfied with our financial leadership during this crisis.

Our next virtual event will cover many of your pressing retirement planning questions as they pertain to social security benefits and there are even some new opportunities you should know about in the wake of COVID-19

We’ll cover:
-At what age is it most beneficial to begin taking Social Security income?
-How do spousal survivor benefits work?
-Are there penalties for working while taking Social Security benefits?
-How is Social Security treated when it comes to taxes?

Did you know?

Maximizing benefits starts with reaching Full Retirement Age.

What is Full Retirement Age? It’s a bit complex.

At 62, you can begin receiving your Social Security benefits.
But if you wait until 70, you maximize your benefits.

So which is the better option?

When to start taking Social Security benefits becomes a gamble…

Wagering your expected lifespan Vs. A reduced payout

What about investments?

Before 2000, the stock market was fairly straightforward. Invest money. Over time, financially gain from a gradually increasing ROI.

Since 2000, the stock market seems to be a whole new ball game.
Now with COVID-19 shutting down the entire world, it’s time to reexamine our previous investment strategies.

Beyond Social Security:

Are stocks and bonds still a worthwhile investment?
What about mutual funds?
Or moving money into an RMD?

There are limitless possible financial combinations. Annuities… Commodities…Securities… But only select combinations will pragmatically protect you and your family in case of continued market implosion.

You worked hard for your Social Security benefits. And perhaps you even worked harder for your financial investments. It’s more critical than ever to safeguard them properly!

Learn and grow with us.

Develop custom retirement strategies that will protect you.

Plan a virtual consultation with Abe and Shelly Abich! Or, attend one of our upcoming webinars or online workshops.

You aren’t in this alone. We’re here to help.