There’s also Economic Disaster Looms available, if you have a business like a restaurant that’s been seriously effected by this COVID-19 fires and you’ve had to layoff a ton of people and your revenues are substantially down.

There is relief out there. I’m going to share that with you. If you have any questions about these programs – we don’t know everything by any means – we’re just learning a lot of things ourselves, but we’ve applied for some of these packages today and monetary relief. As we learn more, we can share that information with you.

As you can see, right here on the treasury’s website – – you can see right there in that red line for small businesses seeking direct relief from COVID-19: “Click Here To Learn More About Paycheck Protection,” and then all these links right here with the applications and tons of information on the Payroll Protection Program itself.

There’s also several other monetary programs to help small business owners get through this extremely tough time. If you have any questions about either or any of these programs, we don’t have all the questions but we can help them get the answer for you.

Give us a call email us or go to our website and submit a request to speak to one of our advisors here in the office at: or, Thank you!