Just a quick tip when it comes to your retirement planning: if you are maybe five to ten years away from full retirement, and you have some time – you’re not one or two years away from retirement, but perhaps five to ten maybe fifteen.

If you have some low-hanging fruit in your portfolio (what I’m talking about by low-hanging fruit is: cash bonds, Treasuries, money market funds, CDs, low-hanging fruit that’s not earning much money at all), it might be safe, you may not have lost any money in the last 30 days in the market downturn.

One of the things we’ve been talking about to our clients, that we’re helping them with their retirement planning, and perspective clients, I say, “Let’s look through your portfolio. Let’s find something some of this low-hanging fruit in your resources, in your assets, that might not be earning much at all, might not have lost anything in the last 30 days, but might not have earned anything either. Maybe a half a percent, one percent, two percent.”

“Let’s get that low-hanging fruit off the sidelines into strategies that can pick up a lot of the market upside where the market goes back up, when the market does rebound and go back up. Let’s get that low hanging fruit off the sidelines and into investments, into strategies. That’s going to give you much higher up side without the downside.”

If you have any any questions about picking up some of that cash in a Treasury money, CD money, any bonds, and increasing the upside potential of those monies without the downside, give us a call, shoot us an email, go to our website at https://www.abichfinancia.coml and just put in a submission on our website about having a conversation with one of the advisors in our office about specifically what is in this video!