When addressing retirement, there are a whole wide arrange of things that you need to address. People are living longer than they ever have before. There’s a 70% chance, we think, that people 65 and older will need some type of care in their home, adult day care facility, or nursing home. So, we can’t just sweep this under the rug. We need to address it. We need to talk about it. We need to figure out ways that we can help you plan for a highly likely long-term care event. You know you’re living longer and eventually, you are probably going to need some help.

This is not something that when you get into the retirement years that you want to try to take care of last-minute. You don’t want to have to worry about the money end of things if you have to deal with being in a nursing facility or are in need of medical help.

So we recommend being proactive. Be proactive when it comes to addressing this type of planning. Several ways you can address it: you can buy a long-term care insurance policy, you can use a hybrid type of policy that’s maybe some life insurance or annuity with long-term care, or you can self insure and use your own money to protect against this type of event in your life. But regardless, you need to have a plan. Come in and get a second opinion on what to do about your healthcare and long-term care in the future.