We help people to choose when it is best to take their Social Security benefits. A lot of firms out there don’t do that. Social Security is not a financial product or an investment that someone can sell and make any money on. Social Security is an entitlement benefit that all American citizens are entitled to, and if we make the wrong decisions as to when to take Social Security it can really cost us a lot of money over the rest of our lives. So a lot of firms just avoid talking about it. We help our clients plan for it. We have social security planning software where if we just have your birth dates we can put your birth dates into the software and figure out how to help you determine when it is best for you to take Social Security.

We feel that’s a really important part of your plan even though we don’t benefit from helping you with that part of the the pie. We’ve had people that have come over to us and become clients because their previous firm didn’t help them with Social Security and that’s something that we offered. So make sure whoever it is that you work with is talking to you about that and helping you make those decisions.

It’s an important piece. You want to get it right and we can help you do that. We can do our best to give you our best insight on when to take Social Security and really maximize those benefits over the course of your lifetime.