So there are two things that are sure in life: death and taxes. When it comes to retirement planning or estate planning having the proper documentation set up is so important. It’s essential to have everything taken care of for your family and your loved ones the way you would want before something happens. Estate planning is getting those wills and trusts set up and thinking through all those situations to make sure things pass on to your loved ones the way you want.

In most states, for a lot of people having a trust is going to be more comprehensive and it’s going to be the best kind of tool that you can have. We’re not estate planning attorneys. We do partner with several estate planning firms in the area to which we can refer you. Some of which even host educational workshops in our office and all over Northern Virginia and the D.C. metro area. So if you’re curious and want to learn more we can connect you with those firms that can help give you more information on estate planning.

We always encourage people to just bite the bullet and take care of it. We also encourage you to take care of putting together a retirement plan. That’s something that people also tend to put off. It’s not the most fun thing to think about, but we try to make it a positive experience. Once you do it you just feel so much better about things. You feel like you have everything together. So come into our office and we can help you get that retirement plan and estate plan done.