Welcome everybody! Abe Abich, founder and CEO of Abich Financial Services. Want to let you know about our July 2020 educational events. There’s gonna be three of them. The first one is on RMDs. Those will be on Tuesday June 30, 6PM and Thursday July 2 6PM.

The educational topic is gonna be Required Minimum Distributions and Retirement Withdrawals. Many of our clients are in their 60s and 70s transitioning from their working careers into retirement. And many of our clients wanna know about how their Retirement Withdrawals gonna impact their portfolio and especially RMDs.

So our next topic and educational topic will be on this required minimum
distribution topic again June 30th, July 2nd on a webinar 6 p.m. visit our
website and go to https://abichfinancial.com/workshops and just register yourself to watch the webinar from home or wherever you’d like to watch it.