Welcome everybody! Abe Abich, founder and CEO of Abich Financial Services. Want to let you know about our July 2020 educational events. There’s gonna be three of them.

The first one is on RMDs. Those will be on Tuesday June 30, 6Pm and Thursday July 2 6PM. Visit our website at https://abichfinancial.com/workshops to register for those webinars on RMDS.

Second, on July 23rd we have a tentative date of July 23rd we’re gonna have our next virtual Town Hall and we’re gonna try to make it a hybrid virtual Town Hall where people can watch the Town Hall from their computers at home and also come into our office as we’re now hosting appointments in our office.

That Town Hall specifically is going to be about the current state of the market and introducing our clients and prospective clients to the investment platform we’re bringing on to the company so look out for those updates as we let you guys know through our communications.

And third we’re planning on hosting another baby boomer basics webinar that’s going to be late July and again for all of our upcoming workshops not only in July but for the rest of the year.

Visit our website at https://abichfinancial.com/workshops and you’ll see all the lists of the events coming up so you can tune in to different educational topics to help you plan for a more successful and stress-free retirement.