We enjoy the beginning of a new year because it’s a great time to reflect back on the prior year and to set new goals. 

With the new year in mind, and half of January already behind us, let’s discuss mindset. Did you know gyms see the highest number of sign-ups in January?

Perhaps the new-year surge of motivation pushes us to start strong with a clear vision of success. But what happens when we lose that “January mindset?”

Athletes are a great example of this – who hit the gym daily, pursuing their goals well beyond the initial excitement. Their success lies not in constant motivation but in unwavering commitment.

We can use the same mindset of commitment to help you approach your finances successfully in 2024:

  1. Dream Big. Envision the financial stability you can achieve in 2024 if you are consistent with your savings, income strategies, retirement planning, or debt reduction.
  2. Make a Game Plan. Set up a meeting with our advisory team to review your goals, discuss strategies, and look at any relevant deadlines.
  3. Focus on the Big Picture. Broaden your focus from a “single game” to a full journey. Embrace consistent budgeting, regular saving, and informed decisions year-round for financial success.
  4. Stay Flexible. Protect your goals from unexpected hiccups by tracking your progress and making changes as needed. This is why we offer quarterly reviews for our investment clients. Our clients have found that by meeting quarterly we can very much stay on top of the plan.
  5. Find Your Team. Consult with your team of financial professionals, mentors, friends, and family who can provide guidance and celebrate all your big (and small) wins. 

A disciplined, systemic approach to your finances is much more likely to last than the fleeting motivation that comes around each January. Schedule a meeting with one of our advisory team members to review your financial strategy and keep you committed throughout the entire year.

In the meantime, we encourage you to think of a New Year’s resolution you’ve completed in past years – how did you achieve that success? Can you take what you learned from that success and apply it to your finances?

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